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Swing on This

Imagine that your neighbor has a creaking swingset. Creak, creak, creak. A wooden ensemble, built for a child. Don’t you dare picture a front porch swing: elderly, middle aged; adult, at least. A child’s swing. Rhythmic. Steady. It’s easy to … Continue reading

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The No Cheers Reference Blog of Bar Lovin’ (With More Ego Than is Necessary).

So, I had this idea… I was going to write a trilogy of appreciative articles about specific spots that I’m particularly fond of in Carrollton, Georgia. On a whim I’d submitted an enthusiastic piece about the Highland Grill to a … Continue reading

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Underground Books

Note: This piece was to originally be published by the now, sadly, defunct Squared magazine out of Carrollton, Georgia. The lady taking my blood pressure stared intently enough at the gauge, listening through her stethoscope, before turning her face up … Continue reading

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The Cover Letter That Almost Got Me a Job

Dear Sir or Madam, My resume, I feel, and I think you may agree should you take the time to look over it, has a very nice layout. It looks sharp and the left handed column of achievements adds a … Continue reading

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Five Ways the Internet is Lying to Us

I find the very idea that I would ever argue against the internet completely preposterous. As a pornographic panorama of information-wielding bits and bytes nearing infinity or some garden choked Eden of Golgotha it’s more than an input junkie such … Continue reading

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Assholes abound.

If anger and hubris simply tasted better to me chances are you’d know my real name and face for a series of seemingly over the top responses for seemingly equally innocuous events. “In today’s news, a local man is accused … Continue reading

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Dearest readers, those of you round the Atlanta area may well be aware of the recent plight of Georgia State’s WRAS 88.5 (Album 8. For those that are not aware, Georgia Public Broadcasting and the owners of the FCC license … Continue reading

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The I’m an Idiot Diatribe.

It’s been a week and the general furor and guffawing has slightly abated in regards to two inches of snowfall in Atlanta turning to ice and immobilizing a ridiculous amount of people. Now, I’m not here to set any records … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades of Ochre

Regardez vous, you most delicious reader you, if you’ve stumbled here resting puritan orbs where I’d welcome prurient sight. Those of Summer might avoid this one. Those of Winter might not see. And those of Spring might need to come … Continue reading

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I Know It’s True…I Saw It In My Head.

Here’s a fun fact or three: Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. A steel rod of one meter measures 3.2808399 feet. One ton weighs two thousand pounds. This grass is green. Murder is morally reprehensible. I welcome and hope that … Continue reading

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