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Half of Nothing Passes or The New New Math.

Stupid should, I think, hurt a bit. I, myself, was a bit of the touch the stove kind of kid. My parents always picked me up, dusted me off, checked to see if I was okay, and then promptly laughed … Continue reading

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Porn (With a Whole Lot of Nothing New).

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult I think I was all of fifteen years old when my father accosted me one day and said, “Don’t leave your porn in the VCR. Your mother nearly shit herself,” and handed me … Continue reading

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The Raven Writes.

The very fact that I’m far too tempted to kick this off with a completely senseless and resounding “fuck” should give any reader a fair pause as to my general ability or worthiness to speak on any subject, however mundane … Continue reading

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Bully, Bully.

Picture me, dear reader, all of twelve years old and my weight greater then than my IQ. Short, squat, and unsure of myself and those seemingly buried latent abilities that wouldn’t crop up until much later, plodding my miserable halls … Continue reading

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Seven Ideas From an Asshole for Being a Better Person or Trust Me…

To be fair, I don’t really care for self-help books or gurus or life-coaches and headlines like Ten Steps to Being a Better Whatever fills me with a certain nameless dread. I’ve even argued with vociferous Buddhists that if Buddha … Continue reading

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Tilting At Windmills

Maybe I’m naïve. I just finished listening to the solo album of Lee Renaldo (of Sonic Youth {good stuff, too; more coherent than I expected}) and am currently spinning Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew for the first time and quite enjoying … Continue reading

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All My Posts Are Against Better Judgement…

Over all, I like to think that I’m a decent cat. I like comfortable moments, kind people, have no issues with the cuteness of kittens or puppies; hell, I love a penguin and a random otter (even puddles of platypi). … Continue reading

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Music Is as Where Music Does.

Do you know the name Joshua Bell? Considering my Facebook feed, this cat cropped up yesterday pulling station in the metro stunts, but Google (previously that numerical Googol until that big check happened*) says this one occurred back in January … Continue reading

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Ha! The Mayans in My Day Were Better at Predicting the End of the World.

According to the most widely accepted calendar in the world, we’ve done it again. Another new year wiped, spanked, and cleaned. Congratulations on making it this far; you should be commended for such. A little math and applied logic tells … Continue reading

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Little Abs

I love Stevie Ray Vaughan. Truth be told, I’d love Stevie if he had done nothing other than Lenny live at The El Macambo. That one song at that one moment was more than enough for me. Laugh all you … Continue reading

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