About this MacEzra cat.

Ex-Mensan and confessed lover of ambiguity, vagueries, and words coined out of inanity and frivolity.  Knowledge is nice, but learning is better; I’ve little interest in assurance of intelligence.  I dislike the word “is” and distrust many teachers.  My ego occasionally over-shadows my idiocy, at which point I string letters and numbers together in manners that taste pretty to me.

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  1. Glad to see you have your own blog brother. I will have to book mark it. I will ( when I find time to update my other pages ) post links to your blog on my sites.

    You deserve much more than the myspace blog spot. WordPress is a great tool. Hell my entire website is built on that wordpress shell and I hack a theme to get it to look like a normal site instead of a blog. Makes for an easy update and admin. Just click a theme and your entire look changes. Good stuff.

    Hang soon.

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